Custom Stencils

One of our specialty services is creating custom stencils. We can edit files and add line breaks where necessary. Vector based files work best, but we can also usually convert images or text files.

Stencil Materials Offered

ABS plastic is very versatile and can be washed and reused many times. Paint thinner is also fine for cleaning. It also food safe after thorough washing with soap and water.

We stock black sheets cut to 32"x18" at 0.04" (1mm) or 0.06" (1.5mm) thickness in both 32"x18" and 48"x96". The top is textured and the bottom is smooth. For larger stencils generally we tile the design together using sheets of that size which can be taped together. Single piece large stencils can also be cut on the large machine fitting up to 48"x96" size sheets.

Mylar is good when you need very small details or a more flexible stencil with a very thin material thickness.

We stock translucent sheets cut to 24"x18" at 0.005" (0.13mm) thickness.

Oilboard is good for one or a few uses only as the material gets saturated with paint. It’s waxy surface helps repel some paint types.

We stock sheets in 36"x24" sizes. at 0.017" (0.4mm) thickness

Corrugated Cardboard is a basic super cheap material option. The standard thickness sheet can sometimes block spraying angles slightly and it will deteriorate after a few uses. Generally it is only good for spray painting simple designs.

We stock C flute sheets 32x18" size and 36"x36" size at 0.155" (4mm) thickness.

Plywood is also offer as another thicker option for stencils. It is harder to clean and can deteriorate over time if left in a wet environment.

We stock sheets in 32"x18"- 48x96" sizes at .150" (4mm) thickness